Sergio Dorantes is innocent!

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Sergio's career

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Sergio with the Mexican President
Before he was accused of murder, Sergio had a successful career as a photographer in Mexico and Europe. He's pictured here with Mexico's president Vicente Fox in 2002.
Sergio with former Mexican president (1994-99) Ernesto Zedillo.
Sergio with former Mexican president Carlos Salinas at his private office.


Sergio's Career

An ethnic Mexican Indian, Sergio was born in 1946 into a poor family. His abilities at elementary school won him a place in one of Mexico City's best secondary schools where he learned English. He moved to England in 1970, earning a living as a hotel catering assistant and a racing car mechanic before getting a job as a press photographer. By the time he returned to Mexico after 18 years in Britain, he had become very successful, working for Newsweek, the New York Times, the London Sunday Times, Paris Match and Stern.
His present persecution has effectively ended his career.

All images © Sergio Dorantes
NAFTA long haul truck driver
NAFTA long haul truck driver, for Newsweek

Sculptor from Mexico, for the Washington Post
Sculptor from Mexico, for the Washington Post

Drugs raid, Mexico city
Police raid Mexico City drugs dealers, for Newsweek

Couple at the river, Belize Cayo District,
for the New York Times

Pemex oil platform, for Newsweek

Acapulco sunset, for Travel Holiday magazine